Employers FAQ’s When Hiring a Physician Recruiting Firm

How can a physician recruiting firm help me find the right candidate?

Physician Recruiting FirmAn experienced recruiter with an extensive database and network in place will save you time, money and a lot of headaches.  The physician recruiter will serve as your legs, doing all the running and finding you the right physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant for your practice opportunity. They will only present qualified candidates that have an interest in your opportunity and only those that meet your specifications.

What specialties do you recruit for?

We work with physicians in just about every specialty who are looking for new opportunities throughout the country.  We also work with nurse practitioners and physician assistants who are looking for new permanent positions and locum tenens assignments.

 What are the costs of using a physician recruiting firm?

The Toberson Group is a contingency physician recruiting firm which means there is no cost to you, other than approved site visit expenses, until a mutually agreeable contract is signed between the employer and the physician we referred to you.

Contingency Recruiting Firm vs Retainer Recruiting Firm?

Both types of firms provide the same service, however, when working with a contingency physician recruiting firm the fee is paid upon a successful placement.  Retained firms require an exclusive contract with fees paid over the duration of the search (normally paid if the search is successful or not).  The Toberson Group is a contingency placement firm that offers the same level of service as a retained firm without upfront charges and the risk of paying the fee without a successful search.

Why should we use The Toberson Group?

Because we are different from other physician recruiting firms.  We may not be the largest physician recruiting firm but we have a team of the most dedicate, committed recruiters to assist you with your search.  I guess you could say we are like the energizer bunny, “we keep going and going and going” and we will continue until you are completely satisfied.

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