FAQ’s From Physician Job Candidates

How can a recruiter help me find the right opportunity?

Physician JobAn experienced recruiter with an extensive database and network in place will save you time, money and a lot of headaches.  The recruiter will serve as your legs, doing all the running and gathering all the information for you. They will present to you only practice opportunities that meet your criteria regarding location, setting and personal preferences.  This is all done in a confidential manner always protecting your anonymity.

Our recruiters will be working with you to help identify physician jobs that are not advertised or posted and will continue to be there from the first phone call all the way through the search of practice opportunities, interviews, contracts and final decisions.

What specialties do you recruit for?

We recruit and place physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants in just about every specialty in all areas of the country.  You can go to the physician job board or advanced practice job board and view some of the jobs we are currently representing.

Do I have a choice whether or not to accept a specific opportunity?

The decision is yours alone.  You can accept or reject any opportunity we present to you.

What are the costs of using a recruiter?

The Toberson Group is a contingency search firm which means there is no cost to you. Our fees are paid by the hiring group, clinic or hospital once a contract is signed.

Why should I use The Toberson Group?

Because we are different from other recruiting firms.  We may not be the largest recruiting firm but we have a team of the most dedicate, committed recruiters to assist you with your search. All direct contact will be with an officer of the company, each with an average of 30+ years experience.   I guess you could say we are like the energizer bunny, “we keep going and going and going” and we will continue until you are completely satisfied.

How do I get starting working with The Toberson Group?

Contact one of our experienced recruiters.  We want to get to know you, understand your current situation and learn about what you are looking for; we are here to help you find your ideal opportunity.