FAQ’s for Locum Tenens Clients

Locum Tenens PhysicianWhy should I use a locum tenens physician or nurse practitioner?

By using a locum tenens physician you can provide continuity of care to your patients during an illness, vacation, leave, unexpected absence or increased volume while looking for a permanent physician.

How does locum tenens work?  We have never used this service.

First we will discuss your needs and customize a search to find a physician contractor for your practice.  We will send you an agreement that defines our services and the target hourly rate. We will then contact physicians to discuss your opportunity.  When a physician that fits your needs expresses interest, we will submit their CV and other pertinent information. While the physician works in your practice they will keep a weekly time sheet that must be signed by a representative of your practice and sent to us by noon on Monday of the following week.  You will receive an invoice weekly.

What is the average duration of a locum tenens assignment?

There is no “average” locum tenens assignment.  We have assisted our clients in need of coverage for a few hours, weeks or months.  Our locum tenens physicians contractors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are flexible, available and ready to help you keep your practice running smoothly.

Is professional liability insurance provided?

Our locum tenens physicians. NP’s and PA’s are offered coverage under our “A” rated professional liability insurance policy at no additional cost to you.

How much to you charge for locum tenens coverage?

Depending on specialty and location, we can assist you in negotiating a very reasonable hourly rate.  This rate covers the physician contractor’s professional fees, professional liability insurance, and our efforts to recruit, screen and match the physician to your specific needs.  The only additional charge would be pre-approved travel expenses.

If I work with you, can I also work with other locum tenen organizations?

Of course you can.  Our contract is a non-exclusive agreement.

How do I get started?

It’s easy!  Simply complete the “request locums coverage” form or call us at 636-891-9774 or 800-726-0990 and an experienced placement specialist will be ready to assist you.