Locum Tenens Services

TTG Locum Tenens, Inc. became a partner to The Toberson Group in 1995 to help our clients, physicians, and physician extenders in providing complete locum tenens staffing coverage.

Our locum tenens services cover all specialties throughout the country with our core and strength in primary care services in the St. Louis region.

Providers receive excellent personal services, above market compensation, paid professional liability insurance, and the opportunity to provide their services in a variety of practice settings.

Let us help you with your locum tenens staffing needs.


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    Clients. Locum Tenens Services

    Does your facility need locum tenens services?

    Using locum tenens staffing services assures you that you will be able to maintain revenue, reduce stress of over worked staff, ensures continuity of patient care, evaluate locum's to permanent candidates.

    In addition to experienced providers and competitive rates we are committed to unsurpassed service and complete client satisfaction.

    Contact us here or call 800-969-7952. More information